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  1. To ensure that we establish the type of relationship with our customers most conducive to the achievement of the same objectives. To understand the unique requirements of different items and provide total solutions from design, sampling to delivery for our customers.    
  2. To provide technical innovation, cost reduction schemes as well as effective management in operation variances to customers with a view to ensure both parties under a partnership will both co-ordinate and combine their utmost dedications and efforts in each transaction to achieve mutually beneficial returns.    
  3. To expand our supplier base, who coincide with our quality assurance and service standards, regularly to ensure that we have a well diversified manufacturing base of good standing.    
  4. To closely monitor the production schedule and progress development of the factories to ensure stringent quality control and on-time delivery of commodities. To achieve maximum benefit from materials by minimizing loss, damage and all types of waste during production.    
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